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Description: Hey guys, it's me Brandi. I'm so excited, I have like this completely new fetish that I wanna try out. I wanna see if I like it and if I do, I'll use it a lot more often with my scenes. You all know by now that I have a thing for voyeurism. At one point or another, I've placed hidden cameras to capture myself in action. Watching myself gives me a sense of pleasure and gets me off in ways you couldn't imagine. Well anyways, enough about that, this week I decided to tried out what I like to call "Brandi Spy Cam". I hid a camera in the bathroom stall, and I let my friend in on it. She was sort of like what I call "the bait". Her job was to get a random dude to go in the stall with her and see how far they would get. I find myself to be more and more of a peeping tom, anxious to see how the scenes unfold naturally when people think no one is looking at them. In this video, the fucking was pretty amazing. As soon as they walked into the stall, they pushed each other against the wall and got it on passionately, they fucked in all types of positions, they looked like they did not feel limited at all. They took advantage of the floor, of the wall, and even the toilet. My favorite though was "the crab", you could see thoroughly how his cock slides in and out of her pussy. Very Hot! I plan to make more of these, probably without either party knowing they're being watched. Until then, don't forget, keep sending me in those emails with all your kinky requests and fantasies. I hope you enjoy this one, because I sure did.