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Description: This week you can join me on a bracing walk on the South Downs of England in my never ending search for new girls. It was so windy that Lara and I were nearly blown away, but in the end we stumbled on a girl standing in the middle of nowhere looking skyward. I engaged my secret camera and slithered up to her, no, not to ask her where the nearest Metro was, but to enquire whether she had, "Noticed a glamour model standing around." Yes, I know it's a dumb question to ask! Anyway, it turned out that Audrey was a bird fancier from Holland over here researching the Common Woodlark, it turned out that Holland is so flat and there are so few windmills these days, that the Woodlark chooses to make it's home here rather than there, hence her visit. I managed to entice her away from bird fancying and get her to come back, find some kinky clobber from our dressing up box and get fucked like a dirty whore, which she did admirably!