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Swingeing brunette Danielle gives blowjob to lad

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 4 629 Submitted: 9 months ago
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Description: This week for your delectation, we have another one of "Jim's Casting Cuties". This is where a beautiful babe attempts to pass through one of the most rigorous and stringent enrolment procedures in the World! Yes, my brethren, it is here in the hallowed halls of "Maison Slip" that girls must prove themselves worthy of being included, nay, immortalised, within the dog-eared pages of! However, I must admit, as soon as I saw Danielle standing there with the skimpiest pair of denim shorts I'd ever seen, I decided to waive the normal formalities and get on with it. As I held the camcorder in a vice-like grip, I couldn't help wondering what it would be like to squeeze my hand down the front of those little shorts, but before I could broach the subject Danielle had dropped to her knees, undone my trousers and stuffed my dick into the back of her throat and sucked it vigorously! It would appear that she had instantly grasped the main core point of a jimslip casting without any explanation of the finer points being required. Maybe it was the fact that my eyeballs were both bouncing around two long springs that gave the game away. Anyway, we did everything that it is possible to do whilst holding a camcorder, until my wife, Lara Latex, most graciously came to the rescue and took charge!