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Elegant brunette Georgy lets a stranger to plow her wet tang

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Description: Once again, I am going to transport you all back through the mists of time! Way, way back to September 2003 when I first encountered the lovely Georgy. If you met Georgy in the street you would think "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" as the old folk used to say. She looked the picture of virtue and propriety. A woman who would not have looked out of place sitting proudly on a pew at Sunday service in her local church or perhaps collecting for the poor and dispossessed! But alas, this was not the case, Georgy in fact had fallen into the abyss of sleaze and was plying her trade as a porn model and with great success, I might add. Witness if you will, her transformation from elegant woman about town, to wanton street slut and gasp with shock as this same woman launches a full scale attack on yours truly and demands rampant, dirty, sex with no holds barred!