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Description: Richie hasnt been home since his dad got remarried. Its been a long time since hes been able to kick back in his own room and just chill. As soon as he opens the door, all his plans immediately changed. All of his walls were painted pink and his drawers were filled with slutty womens underwear. What the fuck is going on? This is where Maya walks in. She lets him know that she is his new stepsister. He doesnt seem too thrilled, but goes with the flow and figures out somewhere else to unpack his shit. After Richie leaves, Maya is taken back by how hot Richie is. She plays with herself right then and there thinking only about Richie, and how huge his cock probably is. The next day, Richie wakes up to find Maya passed out on the couch with her booty out. Looks like she had a party, unannounced to the family. Richie knows this is the perfect situation to tell his dad, but decides its an even better situation to use as leverage for a killer BJ. Maya realizes it might be her only option, and does have a little crush on Richie, so she decides to open up. She gags on Richies cock like the perfect step sis should, and makes sure to let him know how much she loves it. Richies jizz comes out with such force that it hits Mayas uvula and produces one of the sexiest gag induced cum regurgitations we have ever seen. The next day, Maya comes back from a run and decides to do her post workout stretch right on the floor in front of Richie. She even goes over the edge and decides to flash her pussy to Richie, and brings up the fact that she cant just blow him once and not expect to get fucked. This girl wants some cock so bad its pathetic. She gives him another wonderful BJ performance, then spreads her pussy as wide as humanly possible to make way for Richies hot throbbing cock. He makes sure Maya knows that he will always be there for her, sexually of course ;). Maya gladly takes a creamy facial and cant wait until the next time Richie decides to dick her down again, and honestly, neither can we!