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Lad and Ananter caressing

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Description: As you may have guessed, we have decided to embark on a "Sexy secretary bonanza" on Yes, my brethren, I have answered your prayers!I have succumbed to your wailing! Last week we had the delicious Vander and this week we possibly have the ultimate sexy secretary in Ananter. The reason being that she actually looks like a REAL secretary and underneath that tight skirt her legs go on for ever and ever and ever! You will pop your cork as you see her leaning back against the wall and seductively pulling up her tight pencil skirt to reveal those luscious legs, clad in stockings and suspenders and of course high heels! If I had to work in a busy office or call centre and I saw Ananter stand up and do this in front of all the staff, I am sure that everyone would have to stand up, drop their trousers and furiously masterbate all over their papers, together with the women who would be shoving anything they could find up themselves is a shameful display of sexual abandonment! But of course the last time I worked in an office was in the 1970's when this kind of thing was the norm and having sex in the work place was actually written in to your employment contract! By the way, sometime soon, I get to fuck Ananter AND MY WIFE LARA LATEX in a sex crazed threesome orgy! Bear in mind they will be BOTH clad in stockings and suspenders and heels!